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Syuzi Pakhchyan

Experience Design Director

Syuzi Pakhchyan is a multifaceted user experience designer with a passion for creating the next generation of wearable technologies.
In her work, Syuzi is reimagining the design industry through her game-changing insights on the connection between technology and the human body. Her capacity to design meaningful user experiences based on consumer values, motivations and behaviors has attracted global attention from the digital innovation community.

As a User Experience Lead at BCG Digital Ventures’ Manhattan Beach Center, Syuzi oversees a team of world-class designers – from the preliminary product ideation phase through the commercialization process. A true design thinker, she’s committed to delivering streamlined, delightful user experiences through deep ethnographic research, persona development, interaction models, wireframes and low and high-fidelty prototypes.

Syuzi is a recognized thought leader in wearable technologies and has spoken at leading industry conferences, including SXSW, Wearable Tech Expo and the Augmented World Expo. Her work has also been exhibited at the V&A Museum, Eyebeam, the Fashion Future Event, Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, the A&D Museum, Maker Faire and the Emerging Technologies Conference. She also authored “Fashioning Technology,” the first DIY book on interactive fashion and founded a design and innovation consulting studio, which she still runs today.

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