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Mike Schwartz

Partner and Managing Director

Mike Schwartz is a blockchain and decentralized systems leader. With deep expertise in large-scale data architecture, he is a respected voice in the digital innovation community. Throughout his career, Mike has led dynamic teams across multiple sectors, including enterprise IT architecture and new-world digital technology and architecture.

As Partner and Managing Director at BCG Digital Ventures, Mike is also the Founder of DVolution, which is focused upon pioneering decentralized business infrastructure by leveraging third-generation blockchain protocols. In order to build this thriving initiative, which was incubated in-house at DV, Mike has established a deep and trusted network with the visionaries who represent the next wave of blockchain invention–many of whom he has brought on to work with DVolution as its very first employees, advisors and strategic partners.

Prior to joining DV, Mike served in several key leadership roles, most notably as CEO of Student Edge, a digital student services organization; as Co-Founder of Genos, the emotional intelligence company; and as a VP at both Goldman Sachs and Bankers Trust.